Social Work and Social Policy in Cuba

Cuba is developing new policy and programs to respond to their particular social problems. The following reports describe some of these efforts.

"Social Work Development and Practice in Cuba and in the U.S."
[Prepared by CAAEF]
This report describes the work of three Cuban professors involved in starting new social work programs. The tour started in Washington, DC, but because of the traumatic and tragic events of September 11th, 2001, it had to be shortened.
New Directions in Cuban Social Work Education: What Can We Learn?
There is a (Spanish version).
This report describes the new Social Work initiatives in Cuba and was published in Social Work Today, Sept. 2, 2002.
CUBA Social Policy at the Crossroads: Maintaining Priorities, Transforming Practice
November 1, 2002
  An excellent, detailed article on social policy in Cuba, written for Oxfam by Miren Uriarte, Ph.D. You can go to Oxfam America and download a copy or download from our site: in PDF format.


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