The Cuban American Alliance Education Fund acknowledges their appreciation to The Ford Foundation and The Christopher Reynolds Foundation for their contributions toward this project. We also extend our deepest appreciation to the contributors and supporters who make our work possible.

After 18 months of planning, our conferences and workshops were altered due to the tragic events on September 11, 2001. Our heartfelt thanks to the organizers of meetings that were planned for New York: The Committee for the Heights Inwood Homeless and the Cuba Project/Bildner Center at City University of New York. Special thanks are due to Dagmaris Cabezas for months of work coordinating events and to Mariana Gastón for the reception she had planned for us in Brooklyn. We also extend our appreciation to the Latin American and Caribbean Center of Florida International University in Miami; our program there was cancelled out of respect for the victims of the tragedies on the National Day of Mourning declared by the President. Thanks to Elena Freyre, Álvaro Fernández, and José Fernández of the Cuban American Defense League and the Martí Alliance for their support under such difficult circumstances. A special thanks to Norine Fernández for her unwavering support throughout the entire project.

We acknowledge our warm appreciation to: Mrs. Gertrude Blackwell, Dr. Alberto Jones, and Mrs. Silvia Jones, The Caribbean American Children Foundation, and the directors of the African American Cultural Society for coordinating meetings and receptions in Palm Coast, Florida; to Professor Ivan Schulman for the tour of St. Augustine and translations at the conference in Daytona Community College.

In Washington, D.C., we extend our gratitude to: Evelio Sánchez for serving as translator; José I. Pertierra for warmly receiving our Cuban guests; Patricia Morán for publicity and conference arrangements; and Daniel McDade of International Travel Planning Services for coordinating travel arrangements.

A special warm thanks to Rita Barouch of the Mental Health Center of Contra Costa County in California for her valuable advice, editing, books and contacts with social workers. Thanks also to the social workers and academicians in the U.S. who advised on project development: Dr. Ana María Sierra of Tacoma, Washington; Professors Anamaría Goicoechea, Morgan State University, and Nelson Valdés, University of New Mexico; psychotherapist Walter Teague for his insights into social work practice; and professors Nili Tannenbaum and Michael Reisch, University of Michigan, for their valuable article on the History of Social Work in the U.S.

Special thanks to Regino Díaz of Graphics Services Unlimited in Houston, Texas for printing the report.


On September 11, in Philadelphia we were forced to evacuate the train taking us to New York City. On that fateful day, we experienced fear but discovered warm friendships and people who housed and fed us during a time of need. Our deep appreciation to Pamela, Kitty, Bob, Bruce, and Lee for your loving care.

We extend our warmest thanks to the Cubans who gave us advice and assistance: Dr. Miriam Rodríguez, Vice Rector of the University of Havana; Luciana Valle Valdés, Vice President of the Cuban Association for the Physically Disabled; architects Miguel Coyula and Gina Rey of the Group for the Integral Development of Havana; Dr. Olga Fernández Ríos of the Cuban Interests Section, Dr. Raúl Gil Sánchez, Director of the Community Mental Health Center of Regla, Cuba. And finally nuestro más ferviente agradecimiento to our distinguished guests: professors Juan Mendoza Díaz, Lourdes Pérez Montalvo, and Lissette Pérez Hernández with whom we shared a most memorable adventure.

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