Appendix B

Biographical Data

Lourdes Pérez Montalvo


Was born in 1963. She has a Degree in Philosophy from Moscow State University (1986) and a degree in Counseling and Administration from the University of Havana (1998). She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cuban Society for Philosophical Research. Her areas of interest include, philosophy, political thought, research methodology, social sciences, gender issues, community work, and political science.


Professional Experience:


                      Since 1986 she has been a professor in the Philosophy Department of the University of Havana where she teaches courses in Philosophy and Political Theory for the Social Sciences and Economics, at the graduate and undergraduate level.


                      She tutors in course work, develops curricula, and coordinates study groups in Counseling and Assessment for the Philosophy Department.


                      She has led workshops on “Women and Community” and has done research on Philosophical Aspects of Socialist Construction in Cuba, Humanism, Local Structures and Community Work, and Women’s Participation in Society.


                      She has lectured at various national and international conferences. In 1998 she lectured at Queen’s University in Canada. In 2001 she gave presentations at Daytona Community College, Palm Coast, Florida, and American University and the Latin America Studies Association Conference in Washington, D.C.

            Publications and Awards


                       She has published articles on class instruction, research methodology, and her presentations at various conferences.


                      She was awarded “The Best Research Outcome at the University of Havana” for her paper on “Administrative Decentralization in Municipal Structures” in 1995


                      She was honored with the award for “The Best Research Outcome at the Philosophy, History and Sociology Department” for her paper on “Workings of the Municipal Council Administrations,” in 1997.

Juan Mendoza Díaz


Was born in 1958. He holds a Degree in Law from the University of Havana and a Masters in Public Law from the University of Valencia in Spain.


Mr. Mendoza is the Vice Dean for Research, Postgraduate work and International Relations at the University of Havana. He serves as advisor and professor at the Training College for Social Workers in Cojímar, and serves also as Professor of Law at the University of Havana. He is the Vice President of the Cuban National Union of Lawyers.


Professional Experience:


                      Has developed Community Development projects in relation to criminality, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, and the rehabilitation of individuals who have been incarcerated.


                      Has lectured at the Universities of Valencia, Extremadura, Central de Barcelona, Complutense de Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, Castellón y Alicante, en España; St. Mary, De Paul, and Wisconsin Universities in the U.S.; and Mayor de San Andrés, San Francisco Xavier, Juan Misael Saracho y San Simón, in Bolivia.


                      Has participated in various international conferences in Spain, the United States, Colombia, France, Bolivia, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic.



                      Has published articles in the Revista Cubana de Derecho, Boletín Especial de Casación, Enfoques jurídicos de abogados cubanos (CUBA); Revista Agora (ESPAÑA); Resolución alternativa de conflictos (ARGENTINA); Revista de la Cámara Nacional de Huissieres de Justicia (FRANCIA), Revista Foro Chuquisaqueñño (BOLIVIA).


                      Has published the following books:


Lecciones de Derecho Procesal Civil (Cuba);

(Lectures on Civil Process Law)

                                    Lecciones de Derecho Procesal Penal (Bolivia)

(Lectures on Penal Process Law)

El proceso ordinario de conocimiento (Cuba);

                                    (Civil Law Procedures) 

El ejercicio de la abogacia en Cuba (Cuba)

(Law Profession in Cuba)

Lissette Pérez Hernández


Was born the first year of the Cuban Revolution on June 28th, 1959. She received a Degree in Law from the University of Havana School of Law and a Doctorate in Law (PhD) from Moscow State University in Russia.


            Professional Experience 


                      Doctor Pérez Hernández is currently a professor at the University of Havana School of Law and Faculty Chair at the Training College for Social Workers in Cojímar.


                      She conducted postgraduate courses and seminars for masters and doctorate candidates in Cuba and Bolivia in the areas of Social Work and Constitutional Rights.


                      She has participated as a speaker at various international conferences in the United States, Cuba, Italy, Canada and the Dominican Republic.


                      She is Founder and Chair of the Law Faculty at the School for Social Workers Training during the 2000-2001 academic year.


                      Since 1991 she has led research work teams for the study of at-risk youths in marginal neighborhoods in the city of Havana. Furthermore, she has researched the work of Cuba’s Popular Councils as an integral component the field of Social Sciences in Cuba.


                      She is currently thesis advisor for two doctoral candidates.


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