Trauma and Shame Related Issues and Resources

These resources and drafts are provided for students and attendees of presentations by Walter Teague, LCSW-C on the subjects of Trauma, Shame and the particular condition called Childhood Post Traumatic Shame (CPTS).

The term CPTS has been suggested by Walter Teague in 2013 to add to the understanding of shame both healthy and toxic in humans.

I had hopped to add to and improve these documents, but other priorities took over. I do encourage feedback about the possible value to the treatment and prevention of trauma to children and whole populations.

Additional concerns are the endemic traumas of devastated nations and populations.

And today June 20, 2018 we are seeing a horrible example of grievous and unnecessary tramatization of thousands of children, many just infants. Sadly, without quick reunions with their families, their traumas will turn into the toxic and virtually incurable froms of CPTS.
Child and Trump on Time Magazine
Children in cages
This little girl was not one of the separated children. Just terrified watching her mother arrested. But if you dare, click to see what is really behind these horrors!

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These reference materials are for study and research purposes only. I ask that you do not reproduce in quantity without authors' permission.

My materials are indicated and at this time all are in draft form, therefore I ask that before you circulate you return for the latest copy and if possible contact me beforehand. I am making these materials available first for students and clinicians concerned with better understanding, treatment and where possible prevention of traumas particularly to the vulnerable and children.

The items not yet linked, will be posted as soon as possible. I welcome suggestions.

Additional documents on related issues added after the presentation above.

Politics of PTSD Issues:

Some of my links to the Political Issues of Trauma Treatment - Political Issues of Trauma Treatment (PDF)

Current PTSD treatments approaches promoted by the Veterans Administration.

  1. Tango Star, main web site promoting STAR treatments :
  2. Studies on Trauma and Resilience, Start here:

US government Campaign to rewrite the history of the Vietnam War and suppress the anti-war movement:

  1. US government 50th Campaign “VIETNAM WAR COMMEMORATION”

Three ongoing peace efforts in response to the 50th Campaign:

  1. Full Disclosure: (Veterans for Peace page).
  2. Winter Soldier II: (IVAW page).         
  3. CodePink: (on going anti-war actions).

Additional information sought:  

Prepared by Walter Teague, LCSW-C

Last Updated: September 24, 2020